Saturday, 22 August 2015

Basics -3 - Types of Aircraft

Types of Aircrafts
  • Those which are lighter than air. (airships, balloons, captive or kite balloons.)
Those which are heavier than air type consists of many different forms which can be grouped into     two types.
  •     Power driven.
  •     Non power driven
The non power driven types are gliders, sail planes and kites.

  • The distinction between a glider and a sail plane is that the latter being a lighter type which is able to  "soar" in up-currents of wind.

The British Standard Glossary of Aeronautical Terms divides heavier than air types into three types
  • aeroplanes, 
  • rotorcraft and 
  • ornithopters.
The aeroplane includes aircraft which fly off the land and water.

The bottom figure will give a clear picture on types of aircrafts.

References : Flight Without Formulae, AC Kermode.

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