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My intentions

Welcome to the Exciting World of RC Flying.
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I can say that everyone who likes this hobby has a dream of flying some really cool RC Aircrafts.
  • Before we start learning how to construct and fly a RC-Aircrafts, let me introduce myself.
  • I was in Indian Air Force as Airman (Technical)  for 20 years, after leaving IAF in 2011 I joined a private University as Senior Technical Assistant in  Aerospace Department.
  • While in IAF, I got the opportunity to learn  and familiarise with different type of aircrafts.
  • Though I flown a number of times in different types of transport aircrafts and helicopters, I was dreaming of piloting one myself.
  • After joining the university, I saw students struggling with the construction of RC-Aircrafts as part of their lab projects. 
  • Then I decided to  take up this challenge and I also want to fulfill my dream of piloting an aircraft myself. The dream of flying came in the form of RC Air crafts.
  • My first attempt was to construct a Quad copter in which I got succeeded and that gave me enough confidence to go for fixed wing air planes which I feel are much difficult to construct comparing to multi rotors.
  • That is how I started this Hobby.
  • My early attempts were not great examples of anything other than what can be produced by a beginner modeler with some construction ideas gathered from books and on line tutorials and experience gained in IAF.  But most of my scratch built airplanes have flown very well..
  • Many times I crashed my models, but  I have always found making model aircraft enjoyable.
  • I don’t know any advanced aerodynamics.
  • So, what I do is to apply the basic rules that I know and understand.
  • Learn from experience and  improve yourself.
  • If any of my air crafts  were ever subjected to an expert testing they would probably not be pleased by the results.
  • I am sure my models have aerodynamic flaws that I don't know about, but I don't care about that.
  • I have made a number of models over the years and I am very pleased with how my models fly  when I take them in to air.
  • Despite my lack of deep aerodynamic knowledge, I construct  most of my  R/C aircraft simply for the reason that it is fun.
  • I don’t design my own models, I depend upon many good people who supplies free plans. 
  • I can construct any models from a design with materials that is lying around or locally available.
  • I construct my models because RTF models and kits are expensive for me and moreover it is difficult to get what you want.
  • I keep on constructing models because I enjoy it and my models do equal to anything commercially available.
  • I am not trying to encourage everyone to construct and fly own model RC-Aircrafts.
  • I simply want to pass along what I know for those who want to try it.
  • In the coming pages I will explain the basics of RC Model Aircraft construction,  while leaving it for you to put it all together and do the thinking and reasoning necessary to put it into your own successful construction techniques and methods.
  • The following pages are intended to familiarise you with the basic electronics and hardware used, also construction of  Radio controlled model aircraft.
  • This is not a complete guide to everything about the subject.
  • This is to inform the hobbyist  on what is involved and help you to start your own RC Model construction.
  • This is both a relaxing and exciting hobby, but little expensive also.
  • I must also warn you that at times it is very much difficult to carry on.
  •  Many times you may crash your aircraft. But, if it is built by you, you can repair it and fly again.
  • Remote Control Aircrafts  are man made machines that you can fly by using some kind of a hand-held controller or transmitter. This is the most important thing you should understand first.
  • But there are many variations in the hobby and one of the most important things is the amount of electronics, hardware and work put into the Aircrft before it is ready to fly.
  • RC-Aircrafts come in many different levels of construction difficulties  ranging from very simple  to make within hours to designs which takes months to complete.
  • The things I am going to share with you is a collection of information gathered from different books, on line search and from my own experience.
  • I don’t want to bore you anymore, let us go to the actual job.
Scratch Built SU 37 Pusher Prop Model - Depron Foam and Carbon Fiber Tubes.

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