Thursday, 27 August 2015

Photo Gallery 1 - My scratch built models - SU37 EDF Jet

1. SU 37 EDF Jet.
  • Depron foam and carbon fiber tube construction.
  • Twin 68mm EDF system.
  • KFM 2 wing
  • 360 deg thrust vectoring
  • Retractable under carriage with steerable nose wheel
  • Navigation and landing lights
  • Detailed scale cockpit and dummy pilot.
  • AUW 1.9 kg with 4000 mAh Lippo Battery.
  • In this model I used cycle spokes for control rods, water based acrylic paint by camalin, tatoo sticker for decals, ready made sticker for highlighting leading edges (yellow and red arrows) all other hardware and electronic parts are from Hobby King.

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