Thursday, 27 August 2015

Photo Gallery 17 - My scratch built models - Super Bandit EDF Jet

17. Super Bandit EDF Jet
  • Depron foam and carbon fiber tubes.
  • 90 mm EDF
  • Constructed during initial stages, so fuselage finishing was not very good.
  • Color scheme using reflective tapes.
  • Flown two three times and crashed.
  • I was not up to the slandered to fly EDF jets that time. 90 mm EDF jet means lot of power and speed.
  • Undamaged parts used for other models.

 Checking CG
    Checking CG
  Checking CG
  Checking CG
Mini Bandit - Pusher Propeller
  • Same as big brother, lot of speed and highly sensitive to control inputs, not good for a beginner in this hobby.
  • Depro foam.
  • Covering used is sticker cutting sheet of lower quality (low price).
  • Not in use, components used for other models.

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