Thursday, 27 August 2015

Photo Gallery 18 - My scratch built models- Quad Copters

18. Quad Copters
  • Made out of HD foam blocks used for packing electronic items collected from local Home Appliances Shop.
  • Supported by aluminum square tube frame collected from aluminium fabrication shop.
  • APM 1.5 Flight Controller.

Micro Quad using servo motors.
  • Balsa wood frame.( left over pieces of balsa strips used for airplane construction)
  • Servo motors from damaged servos.
  • Nano Wii flight controller.
  • 86 gms without lippo.

Mini Quad
  • Aluminum square tube (from local hardware shop) frame.
  • Hobby King KK 2.1.5 LCD flight controller.
  • Landing legs are made with pieces of L-type frame used in aluminium fabrication work. 

Mini Quad Copter -450mm
  • Pieces of PVC pipe used for electrical wiring.
  • Hobby King KK.2.1.5 LCD Flight Controller.
  • Color scheme using reflective sticker cutting paper.
  • Protective dome made out of plastic container used for food packing.
  • Top and bottom support plates made out of poly carbonate sheets used for false sealing.
  • Quad frame is totally made out of materials collected from junkyard.   

Practice Recycling - Save Earth - Save Money
some more latest pictures coming up .............

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