Monday, 24 August 2015

Some basic terms related to Aircraft Part-2 Aerofoils

7. Aerofoil.

  • The wing of an aeroplane is actually made up of two surfaces, top surface and bottom surface, each with a different curve or camber. 
  • The technical name for such a wing is an aerofoil, and the cross-section through an aerofoil is called an aerofoil section.

  • There are two reasons for curving the surface: first, a curved surface gives much better lift, and secondly, we must have thickness to give strength to the structure.
  • But in RC Planes we can even use flat plates as wings.

Airfoils come in several family. The most commonly used airfoils for flying model aircraft are:
  • Symmetrical
  • Semi-Symmetrical
  • Flat Bottom
  • Modified Flat Bottom
  • Under-cambered
  • Reflexed
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