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  • Are you interested to join the exciting world of RC-Aircrafts?
  • Are you interested to start this RC hobby and don’t know how to begin?
  • Then you have come to the right place!
  • You can start this RC hobby for you, or for your children or grand children and take them away from video games and TV.......age is not a barrier for a beginning (I started this hobby at the age of 39 years).
  • Take the children to the open ground, make them healthy....
  • Improve your children’s creativity and ability.....
  • Fill your weekends with fun and excitement.........
  • School and college students can make good projects... ...
  • Elders can fulfill their childhood dreams of flying like birds.......
Welcome and Hello to all those who are interested in RC Flying, specially to those who want to start this hobby by making their own RC-Aircrafts (Scratch Building).

Experienced people already in this field are also welcomed, your valuable experience and expertise will help me and fellow hobbyists to improve upon.
  • Building RC-Aircrafts can become a true passion.
  • Many of you may be flying or flown ready to fly models (RTF) under guidance of instructors.
  • But the joy of building them from the plans on the paper and raw materials (from scratch) is a challenge and the same time a lot of fun.
  • My love for Airplanes started when I joined IAF in 1991. After quitting IAF in 2011.I joined a private University as Senior Technical Assistant in Aerospace Department.
  • After the service life I started this hobby for helping my students who were struggling to build their rc models and also for my son and daughter who started loving airplanes while we ware in IAF.
  • Now I spend hours for building rc-aircrafts, experimenting with them,in my college with students and in my home with family, while in home sometime my wife also gets involved, so it becomes a family fun.
  • Whether you have kids and grand kids,school going or college going, married or unmarried,  building RC planes is fun and challenging way to spend your time.
  • If you agree with me.   Then Keep Reading... 
  1. Are you interested in building a radio control aircraft the right way ?
  2. Are you confused about where to start ?
  3. Wondering whether you will be able to build one and fly it the right way ?
If so, you are not alone. 
Be with me and keep visiting this page.
We will learn to build RC-Aircrafts, we will learn how to fly....
  • Without a guru, building rc-aircrafts on your own is not something that you can easily learn in one or two days.
  • But,if you build a number of them on your own ,you will get enough experience to build them correctly.
  • If you have a guru, somebody to give you tips that could save your time and help you to build your rc-aircraft from scratch.Even if it is the first time you are going to build one.
  • This is where rcplanesguru is going to help you.
What is your interest in getting into a hobby like building RC planes ?
  • Most likely you are looking to build one model rc-aircraft and then fly it for fun, or you may be looking for some good project for your school or college, or you just want to make use of some materials lying around and convert them into something use full.
  • Whatever your interest may be, the question is, How you are going to proceed to get there ?
  • Any time you can quit reading this and tell yourself that you will learn how to do this on your own, still you have to read some books or search for other web sites or blogs offering the same.
If you are really interested, you can take advantage of my experience of building RC aircrafts with materials lying around, available in our local market or at least available in our country. No need to import expensive kits and materials.

  • Building RC-Aircrafts without having the basic knowledge of what you are getting into can end your dreams for this RC hobby very soon.
  • There is no way for beginner to know how to proceed when they plan about building an RC-Aircraft.
  • Even though I had nobody to help me build…..I tried to do it on my own (I was determined ) and learnt from my mistakes.
  • How many times this type of thinking happened to you?
  • When we start building RC-Aircrafts, the first difficulty we have to overcome is not feeling comfortable by all the parts you have to cut, glue, sand and shape, as per the plan that is in front of you.
  • The best way is, organisation, this is the key to success and managing the physical work required to cut and shape all parts.
  • You will be well ahead than all other beginner builders when you practice this step.
  • Learn to build RC-Aircrafts from scratch, make use of unused things lying around your house, work place, even the near by dump yard,we can recycle many things and thus help the environment - save mother earth and save money.
  • Try to develop your own techniques after learning from this forum or any other forums.
  • I promise, leave your confusion and worries. I will help you to use things which are lying around you as waste and many more building tips, too many to list here!
  • have made many beginner mistakes  and now you can avoid making the same mistakes..
  • No need to worry when you pick up broken pieces after a crash of an airplane for which you spent many hours building, you can rebuild it within no time and fly again,just because you learned to construct RC-Aircrafts.
  • We will learn how to become organised, what are the minimum tools required, how to read all the plans and instructions, and how to cut out or make all the parts we need.
  • Relax and take a deep breath, we can do this.
  • You are going to start your first scratch building project with an experienced and successful building guide.
  • No worrying, now you can build it straight, strong and you are going to do this with every radio control aircraft you want to build.
  • We will be making use of all the free plans, techniques,photos and videos of expert people in this field with application part from my own experience.
  • It will be like a professional instructor helping you in every step throughout the entire building process.
Are you anxious to start building ?

  • If you have decided on a plan or model, purchased or arranged all the basic tools and materials required, thought about making use of the things lying around you.
  • But wait. Did you thought about the place where you will build your plane?
  • You have to select a proper place, let me tell you why it is so important?
  • Choosing a correct place or table to build your airplane is important.
  • Building on an uneven surface is not advisable, if you cannot build them straight,you cannot fly them straight.
  • Sometimes you have to leave your models for a long time after gluing with some weights and clips attached. 
  • There is no way to build a flying airplane if you forget this important step.
  • So your first step is to arrange at least one good table or a flat surface and a work place (can be an empty corner in your house, back side of a garage,an empty shed).
  • Do not worry about the instructions on materials required, tools and methods to follow when you select a plan from a designer.
  • You can always follow my method of doing it, use whatever is available with you or things you can by, methods or steps you can develop, while keeping things as accurate as specified by the original designer,otherwise the performance of your end product will not be satisfactory.
  • Build up your basic theoretical knowledge about RC-Aircrafts before you actually start constructing one.
  • With each project you will become a master builder and in no time you can help others to build better models.
  • As you gain experience you can get through your building projects faster and find more time for flying.
  • Your ability to implement correct techniques from the beginning is the key to success.
  • If you can't build straight models you cant fly them at all.
  • It really is that simple.
  • Building an airplane must be done with accuracy and consistency.
  • You fly them first time and fly again and again if you follow the best techniques you could ever use.
  • How can you know about the things to buy ?.
  • What is the price and the right tools for the job ?.
  • How to make some critical parts that the instruction manual does not help you much ? 
  • As you can see there are a number of steps that must be performed  and they must be done in the right order.
  • All the books,web sites and blogs about building RC-Aircrafts are filled with requirements of specialized tools, equipment, covering materials and many other things, the list goes on, don’t worry we can use alternative things for all these stuff .
  • Building anything the first time takes time to complete,requires patience and organisational skills.
  • Don’t worry, just remember that, this is your first time building an RC-Aircraft from scratch.
  • I am trying to put together a simple and easy system for a beginner scratch builder to follow.
  • I am trying to cover almost everything involved in this hobby. Nothing has been left out.
  • You will be able to build a beautiful flying aircraft of your choice by the time you go through  all the articles.
  • As far as I know no body attempted such a thing, every body talks about buying kits and teach how to assemble them.
  • If you search any website, read any number of  books and you will not find everything you need from one source.
  • So,join with me,together we will make a scratch builders forum.
  • Build your RC-Aircrafts with confidence,fly them safely and enjoy....
  • Now, If you are really interested spent some time to go through the following pages.

Notice and Legal Disclaimer

I want to tell you right now that this is not an inexpensive hobby to start. You should understand that you need to spend time and commit to it. You have to spend at least Rs.10000 /- minimum to start with your radio control aircraft construction and flying. There are a lot of costs involved, but you will be able to become more resourceful and make or find alternative to a lot of the things needed to complete your RC-Aircraft. I do not know your skill level, so I cannot guarantee your success with your building project. I cannot assume responsibility for the outcome of your RC building project. Please understand your building skills and try to get help when required. In this hobby you cannot afford to make too many mistakes. Be careful also, rotating propellers, lippo batteries and other electronic parts may cause injuries to personal if not handled properly. The builder and/or the pilot of the aircraft assumes all risk involved. RC-Aircrafts are not simple toys, for children parents guidance is required. I will not be responsible for any injuries or damages taking place during construction and flying of RC-Aircrafts.
  1. Don not fly where flying is not permitted.
  2. Don not fly too close to buildings or public roads, or anywhere where you could be a nuisance to the public.
  3. Don not fly in an area with lots of trees, power lines and other obstacles.
  4. Don not fly close to people at anytime, RC-Aircrafts can cause injuries to people and damage to properties.
  5. Don not fly over or close to animals, wild or domestic, RC-Aircraft can cause panic in animals.
  6. Don not try and fly beyond your capabilities. Do not try advanced aerobatic maneuvers without mastering the basics.
  7. Don not fly over your head and behind you - it is the quickest way of getting completely disoriented and confused with what the aircraft is doing, very quickly you may loose control.
  8. Don not fly the aircraft too far away - it doesn't take long for an RC-Airplane, quad copter or helicopter to cover distance and become a tiny dot and you have no idea of what the aircraft is doing, which way is up etc. Again, a sure way to loose control due to disorientation.
  9. Don not fly on very windy days if your aircraft isn't designed with wind in mind. Different RC-Aircraft can handle different strength winds, but for a basic electric park flyer a wind of 5 mph could be too much. No wind or a gentle breeze is ideal.
  10. Don not turn on your transmitter if you see other flying. Check which frequency they are using first.
  11. Don not forget your pre-flight checks and range check.
  12. Don not fly if you are in any doubt about your aircraft or your situation. Wait for another day instead, or choose a safer area.
  13. The above mentioned warnings are related to flying in public places. Again, common sense should dictate how you fly.
  14. If you are flying at a club field you should know the club rules or follow and obey your instructor all times.
  15. Find out the rules and regulations applicable in your country, related to RC Flying and follow it.

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