Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Electronics and Propulsion System in RC Flying - Part 7 - Misc Items

7.  Misc Items
  • There are many items which are used for particular application or requirement.
  • We will familiarize with some of these items.
  • As you improve your construction skills and when going for different models having different capacity these things will come in use. 
  • There are many more customised items, that we will discus when we actually start doing construction of RC-Aircrafts.
  • Some examples are given below.
Bullet or Gold connector
 Electronic ON/OFf switch
 High density RC LED strips flexible.
 High power LED landing lights
 Tx controlled multi channel switch
 Power Sensor
 RC Airplane Lighting system
 Receiver controlled switch
 SD DVR video recorder
 Silicon wire
 T- connectors
 Temperature sensor
 Tx controlled relay switch
 USB-AV cable
 Voltage sensor
 Silicon wire mesh
 XT-60 connector
 Servo Y-leads

Servo extension lead
ESC Programming Card
  • ESC Programming card is used to change preset programme of ESC to users needs.

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