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Materials and Hardware used for RC Modelling Part 2 - Hardware Items

2. Other hardware items used.
  • There are a number of hardware items used for RC-Aircraft construction.
  • I will give you some examples of ready made items avialiable in market.
  • Some of these items are must, but same time many of these items can be handmade or substitute with locally avialiable material or items.
  • For substituting and hand making some of these, your skill and imagination is required.
1.  LED lighting.

 2. Landing Gear and Wheels.

3. Ready made dummy pilots.
  • If you are skillful then you can make dummy pilots with thermocol blocks or use figures in children's toy.

4. Propellers. 
  •      This is a must buy item.

5. Nut, Bolt and Screws.
     This you can arrange from local hardware shops.

6. Spinners and adapters.
     If you have a good lathe support you can locally make these items.
  • Propeller adapters are used to attach propeller to motor shaft.
  • Different diameter adapters are avialiable to suit your motor shaft.
  • Most of the motors come with this adapters, sometimes you have to buy this separately ( to replace a damaged one).
  • When buying adapters be careful to check your motor shaft diameter.

This type of adapters will save your propeller in case of crashes.

7. Control rods and Arms
  • The link between servo and control horns.
  • Cycle spokes of different thickness is a good replacement for control rods.
  • For light models you can use metal wires avialiable in local hardware stores as control rods.

 Flexible control road.

8. End joints and clevis.
  •     This item is not a must , you will learn how to connect control rods to control horns as we go to construction. However to get a professional finish you can use this.
Ball end Joints

Metal Clevis

Nylon Clevis

9. Cable ties, used to arrange your wiring neatly, also used to keep things in place.

10. Canopy locks.
  • Again not a must to have item.
  • You can find your own ways to make this or alternative methods to hold the canopy in place.

11. Control Horns.
  • Control Horns connect your push rods or control rods to the control surfaces.
  • A variety of control Horns can be handmade with aluminium strips, plastic strips and even using plywood.

12. Ready made cockpit for scale models.
  • If you want your models to have professional look and finish, you can use this type of ready made cockpits.

13. Covering Film.
  • Used as covering material for balsa wood fuselage and wigs.
  • If you can do some compromise with weight of your model, then you can use adhesive plastic sheets used for sticker cutting as covering material.

14. Decal Sheets.
  • Used to give details to your model.
  • Here again you can use colored tapes and sticker cutting sheets.
  • You can take a print out of different type of decals avialiable and use them.

15. Heat shrinking tubes
  • These are avialiable in Red, Black, Yellow, Blue and Transparent colors.
  • Used to insulate your electrical wiring joints and protect electronic devices such as ESC,  etc..
  • Here also Electrical insulation tapes can be used as a substitute, but heat shrinking tubes are better (it cost very less)

 16. Wheel Stop Coller
  • Used to retain wheels in place. 
 17. Ready made landing gears.
  • You can make your own LG set up using different materials and methods to save cost.

18. Push rod end connectors.
  • Used to connect push rods to servo arms and control horns.
  • You can connect control rods without the use of this items (with the help of Z bind on control rod ends)

19. Rare earth magnets
  • These are used to retain canopy, hatch doors, access doors etc. in a model aircraft.
  • This allows easy removal and fitment.

20.  Hinges
  • Hinges are used to attach control surfaces to aircraft structure.
  • There are a number of methods used for hinging or we can make hinges as per our requirement.
  • So this is not a must to have item.

21. Ready made Retractable Under Carriage Systems.
  • These items can be used to provide the scale and professional look.

 22. Double side adhesive tapes.
  • This type of tapes are very use full in various stages of construction.

23. Vibration Absorption Sheet.
  • Used for vibration damping.
  • Use full item in multi rotor construction.
  • You can even use soft rubber cycle tubes for this purpose.
 24. Adhesive tapes.
  • Different type adhesive tapes are very much required during construction of models. 

 25. Ready made wheels.
  • Wheels are essential thing when you make models which cannot be hand launched.
  • But where ever possible you can use light weight wheels from broken toys as a replacement for ready made ones.

There are number of small hardware items used in RC-Aircraft models, which we will familiarise when we go to actual construction.

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