Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Construction Projects-1- F 15 Eagle (HD Foam) - Part 1

F-15 Eagle - Scale Model
Twin Pusher Prop Jet
Construction with HD-40 Foam.

Part -1.

F-15 and F-18 EDF Conversion.

  • Initial cuttings remains same as the original plan (of course scaled up to 118.3%- For 33" Wing Span ).
  • The forward and aft fuselage is cut as single piece and then nose section is marked and cut out. Rear engine ducts are also marked for foaming and shaping afterwards.

  • Wings are made by laminating 3 x 10 mm foam sheets with balsa leading and trailing edge.
  • The wings are then formed by hot wire cutting and sanding to give aerofoil shape.

  • Making the Canopy for cock pit with soft drinks bottle. 
  • You can make a canopy outline shape by laminating foam sheets and shaping as per the plan.
  • Then use the formed canopy out line to cut out the soft drink bottle.

  • I used my SUI-37 cock pit and pilot for this model.
  • Made a new canopy with soft drink bottle for F-15. 

  • Horizontal stab leading and trailing edges reinforced with balsa wood. 

  • Sanded the Stabs to shape. 

  • Wing cut out as a single section with wing strakes/inlet top. 

  • After finishing and ailrons cut out. 

  • Preparation of inlet and exhaust ducts. This part is one of the major deviation from original plan.
  • This is done to give exact scale look. 
Engine ducts inside walls glued.

Forward fuselage nose section
Forward fuselage nose section 

Forward fuselage nose section set for glue curing

Nose section half sanded to shape
Cut out the turtleneck top and side together and trial fit to check.


Hard wood dowels attached to vertical fin bottom for motor attachment.
You can see the additional doublers.

Aft fuselage side with vertical fin modified.
Exhaust nozzle forming.

Air inlet walls outside and inside glued and set for curing.

Vertical fin and motor attachment cut out, will glue after finishing the fuselage and engine ducts as per the scale requirement. You can see 20mm balsa strips used as doubler to give more strength to motor mount

Trial fitment.

Almost finished forward fuselage nose section with engine ducts attached, requires some finishing touches.

Aft engine tops
Turtleneck top outline curved out from wing top surface.

Pet bottle canopy , Dummy Pilot and ready made scale cockpit trial fitment..
You can see the forward inlet tops fitted and sanded to give the forward slope.

Exhaust nozzle made out of paper cups attached

  • A done lot of sanding to bring difrferent parts into scale look.
  • Mainly the forward fuselage nose section, aft fuselage top and bottom, exhaust nozzle, wing and vert/horizontal stabilizers etc....
  • If you are smart in operating a hot wire cutter the amount of sanding required can be reduced.
  • Still you have to make a verity of sanding blocks with different grade sand paper. 

Coming up Next - Part 2
  • Construction is under progress , I will comeback with more as I finishes........
  • I will be updating this post  as required...
  • You can post your quires/clarifications about this project via email :- gireeshn2015@gmail.com
RTF Model

Models made by other builders based on the original plan.

Scale look model, single motor pusher prop.

One more RTF Model

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