Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Twins - Cargo Plane - Part 1

The Cargo Twin.


  • The Cargo Twin is a brilliant design by Peter and Stephen Sripol who started the whole thing off by placing one of the coolest model plane videos ever made on rcforums.
  • The forum is located at:
  • A fellow by the name of Larry Ross then contributed by posting plans for the twin. Not content with a set of plans for the full sized version, Larry kindly provided plans for 75%, 50% and 25% versions as well.
  • The plans are first class and a lot of information can be gained from going through all of the forum posts (at last count well over 1000 posts!).
  • The Saga of the Cargo Twin is a classic internet tale.
  • A couple of teenagers design plane, someone else draws up and posts the plans and then people all over the world help each other out with tips and answers to queries.
  • Here I am building the Cargo Twin with HD-40 Foam sheets.
  • The plans are avialiable at :-
  • Select the size you want to construct, here I am constructing with 100% plan.
  • HD Foam construction tips and techniques are given in my previous posts.
  • Go through rcgroups forum and my earlier posts before you start.
  • Let us bigin ............
Cutting the parts as per the plan.

  • The main wings and several fuselage panels need to be bent into shape.
  • There are two basic techniques for doing this. 
  • The simplest technique is to use a knife or steel ruler edge or something similar to make grooves in the side of the foam which will be on the inside of the bend. 
  • The other side is then covered with transparent tape.
  • The foam is then bent by bending it around a curved table edge or similar.
  • The foam will crack but the tape will hold it in place.
  • The sharper the required bend, the closer together the grooves should be.

Gluing the Parts after forming.


 Wing Reinforcement using 10mm aluminium tube and carbon fiber tube which was lying around unused.

 Landing gear is ready.

 Tail plane attachment.

Almost 80% of construction is completed, Jobs left

  1. Shaping the Nose
  2. Attaching the undercarriage
  3. Painting
  4. Fitting the electronics.
LET THE GLUE DRY!!!!!!!..............
Due to other commitments I am not able to complete this now, will be updated shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!

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