Saturday, 19 March 2016

New Project - Sky walker FPV - UAV - Part 5 Electronics Integration into Sky Walker Frame

Fitment of APM and other electronics on
 Sky Walker Frame
1. GPS and ESC.
For attaching the GPS, I removed the Pan/Tilt servo which was fitted early, cut out a 1.5mm Aeroply base for the GPS.

 APM mounted with double sided tape
 Battery/ APM tray
You can see the placement of APM2.6 and power module.

 Pitot tube.
Positioned the pilot tube on the forward nose section and the air speed sensor on inner side of nose section.

 Video Tx and Camera 1 placement on the removable canopy
Telemetry Tx is placed on the tail boom..
Camera is now temporarily placed, I have to fabricate a mount for the camera.
 Minimum OSD  by the side of APM
Attached the Minim OSD to the side access door with double sided tape and covered the top with cello tape.

Temporally attached the wings to check every thing fits properly.

Next - Part 6
 Testing the RC Control, APM and Accessories.

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